Wednesday, September 19, 2012

dvf spring 13

the inspiration seen behind Diane Von Furstenberg's spring 2013 collection, "palazzo" was her own life. traveling the world with a bohemian spirit is what served to be the inspiration for the collection full of bright colors, bold prints, colorblock and embellishments. the second i saw this print i imagined how good it would look on a set of nails! 

step 1: paint two coats of mint nail polish. i used revlon- minted.

step 2:  paint one coat of seche vite fast dry coat on all nails and allow 10 minutes to dry. 

step 3: paint the top 3/4 of the nail in turquoise. i used essie- turquoise and caicos. 

step 4: paint one coat of seche vite fast dry coat on all nails and allow 10 minutes to dry. 

step 5: once the nails are completely dry, using sally hansen nail art pen in orange emulate the design on the dress and draw it on the nail where the mint meets the turquoise. these nail art pens are the best thing since striping pens and come in almost every color. you can find it at your local drug store. i found this one at rite-aid. 

TIP: feel free to trace the original design to create a thicker line until you have reached your desired look on the nail. 

step 6: complete this runway look with one coat of seche vite fast dry top coat. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


diligently watching the spring 2013 new york fashion week shows i noticed a nail trend. a lot of nude nails, french manicures, metallics, glitter and plum tone nails. I decided to combine the trends i had seen and this is what i came up with. 

tools: nude, gold, plum and gold glitter polish. page preforators, scissor and a dotting tool.

step 1: paint two coats of nude nail polish (except ring finger). i used essie- sand tropez. the perfect nude nail!

step 2: on the ring finger paint two coats of gold nail polish. i used essie- good as gold. 

step 3: paint one coat of seche vite fast dry coat on all nails and allow 10 minutes to dry. 

step 4: cut the page preforators in half and place a half on to each nail. firmly press down the edges of the tape so there are no bubbles or gaps to avoid polish from seeping underneath the tape as you paint. then paint the tips of the nails in plum. i used esse- sole mate. 

step 5: using gold glitter polish, paint 5 dots closest to the tip of the nail and then using your finger tip blend the glitter downward toward the cuticle. this creates a gradient effect from the most glitter at the tip and least going down toward the cuticle. feel free to apply the glitter as it bests suits you. you may be able to get the same affect with a sponge. i prefer this look best when i use my finger tip because it allows me to control the amount of glitter on the nail.

step 6: finish the look with your favorite top coat. i used seche vite fast dry top coat. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the sophisticated kiwi

in honor of the end of the summer season i wanted to do a design of something i enjoy doing in the summer and then i thought of fruit! many times i have seen fruity nails look rather well, fruity and childish so i opted to do something that may look like a fruit but also works as an everyday nail. 

tools: white, green and black nail polish, paper reinforcers, and a medium sized dotting tool. 

step1: paint two coats of white, essie-blanc.

step 2: paint one coat of seche vite fast dry coat and allow 10 minutes to completely dry.

step 3: apply a paper reinforcer to each of the nails (apply one hand at a time) and paint one generous coat of green nail polish, essie- navigate her. 

step 4: using a medium sized dotting tool, apply black dots in an oval shape on the green nail polish outlining the half moon shape. 

step 5: finish with one coat of seche vite fast dry top coat.