Wednesday, August 8, 2012

going 4 gold

after four years of hard work here we are again, the olympics 2012! who doesn't enjoy a little friendly competition? after seeing several websites and designers hold an olympic nail contest, i decided to compete and here is my design: 

tools: red, navy, white, gold, green, yellow, black and blue nail polish, a large dotting tool, 3 straws and a piece of foil. 

step 1: paint two coats of essie- fishnet stockings on the thumb, index and pinky fingers. then paint two coats of essie- midnight cami on the middle finger and essie- blanc on the ring finger. 

step 2: after the base colors are completely dry, using the brush from the nail polish bottle, apply a generous amount of essie- good as gold on a piece of foil. using your dotting tool, grab the color from the foil and apply one gold dot at the bottom center of each nail (except for the ring finger). now you have gold medals! 

step 3: on a piece of foil, using the brush from the nail polish bottle, apply a generous amount of essie- fishnet stockings . next, apply one end of a drinking straw (the smaller the circumference the better) onto the nail polish on the foil. be sure to get a good and even amount of color throughout the rim of the straw then apply the straw onto the nail. angle the straw on the nail so that you get color from the complete rim of the straw creating the rings.

TIP: after the first circle/ring application, if you miss a spot feel free to go back using the straw until you get a complete circle/ring. here is an example of the straw technique.

step 4: repeat step 3 until you have all five color circles on your nail. 

step 5: wait five minutes before applying a top coat so that you don't smear the colors. complete the look with one coat of seche vite dry fast top coat. 


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