Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mango gradient

after countless times of seeing gradient nails i attempted my own. but instead of the blue and purple gradient i've seen, i opted for a summer shade and thus the mango gradient was created! before beginning your manicure you will need three complimentary nail colors, a makeup sponge and a clear top coat.

step 1: pick you base color. i used essie's action and painted three coats because the color comes out very sheer and matte.

step 2: when the the base color is completely dry, on a flat surface (i used a business card), paint a generous amount of the two colors (aka a dot or two) right next to each other and make sure they're just about touching. i used essie's carousel coral and fiesta. using a toothpick or dotting tool, swirl the two colors together. the mix of the two colors determines the graduation. the more you blend the shades, the longer the graduation.

step 3: using a makeup sponge, dab it directly down on the nail polish to grab the colors. make sure to face the sponge with the lighter color facing the cuticle and the darker color toward the tip so that the colors blend from lightest (at cuticle) to darkest (at tip).

step 4: dab the sponge directly down on your nail pressing from left to right or right to left. either way will work to apply the colors on the nail and off the sponge. 

step 5: repeat steps 2-4 a second or third time until you are satisfied with the gradient color effect. 

step 6: apply a clear base coat. this will blend all colors and even out the surface.

if you want to see this step by step via video watch winter rose's gradient nail tutorial  on you tube. it was a great help to get me started and achieve mango gradient nails.


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