Thursday, November 29, 2012

when in doubt, bling it out

enthusiastic to use new rhinestones and a color scheme seen by ncLA this design was created! achieve this look in three easy steps.

essie smokin' hot 
essie a cut above
pink triangle rhinestones

step 1: paint two coats of essie smokin' hot.

step 2: once the nails are completely dry, paint the top 1/3 of the nail in essie a cut above. using your fingertip blend the glitter downward toward the cuticle. this creates a gradient effect from the most glitter at the tip and least going down toward the cuticle. 

step 3: apply two light pink triangle shaped rhinestones on your ring finger to appear as a bow. finish the look with one coat of seche vite top coat. 

TIP: make sure to paint two coats of clear polish over the rhinestones so that it stays in place. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

negative spaces

inspired by chelseas get nailed and stephanie stone this week i attempted cut out nails also known as negative spaced nails. this trend has been recently seen on the runway on dresses known as "cut-out dresses". what i like most about this trend is that it pushes the boundaries of nail art removing nail polish to create the design.

striping tape
nail polish remover
point tip q-tips
opi here today aragon tomorrow
gold glitter stripper pen

step 1: paint two coats of opi here today aragon tomorrow. 

step 2: apply two pieces of striping tape to each nail creating the negative space. 

step 3: using a precision q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, remove the polish between the striping tape. repeat until the space is clean and you can see the base of the nail. 

step 4: (optional) outline the negative space with a gold glitter striping pen by painting on the polish at the edge of the clean space. 

step 5: paint two coats of clear top coat. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

floral outlines

instead of the basic flower print i decided to do more of an avant guard floral print. this was perfect for a wedding that i attended to this week.

essie sugardaddy
essie play date
black striper pen
essie school of hardrocks
gold glitter striper pen

step 1: paint three to four coats of essie sugar daddy. this color is very sheer and needs more than the normal application.

step 2: after the base is completely dry, using essie play date, paint three to five (depending on the size of your nail bed) circle to oval shapes using the brush from the nail polish bottle. 

step 3: wait five to ten minutes to allow the nail to dry. once dry, outline the purple shapes using a black striper pen my drawing small U's or C's in form of a daisy flower.


step 4: using essie school of hardrocks (green) draw one V shape on each flower to form the leaves.

step 5: to add a pop of color, use a gold stiper pen and trace over the the green leaves. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

spider webs

its that time of year again when you can dress up as anyone you want. instead of dressing myself up, i chose to dress up my nails instead.

essie sand tropez
essie mochacino
essie sew psyched
black striper pen

step 1: paint two coats of essie sand tropez (nude).

step 2: once the base is completely dry, using a sponge, do a gradient nail using essie mochacino (mid nail) and sew psyched (nail tip). for instructions on how to do a gradient nail using a sponge see this video. 

step 3: paint one coat of seche vite fast dry top coat. this will blend the colors and even the surface.

step 4: using a black striper pen, draw three to four black lines starting at one corner of the tip of your nail. 

step 5: draw C's in between the lines to create the webs. the points of the C's should face down toward the cuticle. 

now it's time to enjoy your spidey nails. happy halloween!