Wednesday, May 23, 2012

glitter tips

for the first time in years i bought a revlon nail polish. i am currently obsessed with the color mint, if you can't already tell from the colors i used for this blog. i bought revlon nail enamel in 'minted'. the color doesn't seem to last as long as essie does so i opted to do a gradient glitter on the tips.

step 1: for the base i painted 2 coats of essie's lilacism and on the ring and middle fingers i painted revlon's minted. 

step 2: after letting the base completely dry, i painted a strip of clear nailpolish on the nail tip. directly below, i painted another clear strip and dabbed my finger on it smearing the polish so that there was less clear polish below the highest clear strip which would hence produce the gradient affect.

step 3: i dipped my finger nail in a loose silver glitter pod.

step 4: after about a minute or two i let cold water run on my hands to remove the excess glitter and cleaned up with a flat q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.


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