Thursday, November 29, 2012

when in doubt, bling it out

enthusiastic to use new rhinestones and a color scheme seen by ncLA this design was created! achieve this look in three easy steps.

essie smokin' hot 
essie a cut above
pink triangle rhinestones

step 1: paint two coats of essie smokin' hot.

step 2: once the nails are completely dry, paint the top 1/3 of the nail in essie a cut above. using your fingertip blend the glitter downward toward the cuticle. this creates a gradient effect from the most glitter at the tip and least going down toward the cuticle. 

step 3: apply two light pink triangle shaped rhinestones on your ring finger to appear as a bow. finish the look with one coat of seche vite top coat. 

TIP: make sure to paint two coats of clear polish over the rhinestones so that it stays in place. 


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