Wednesday, October 3, 2012

matthew williamson #lfw

ombre treatments and embellishments drew my attention to the matthew williamson collection at the london fashion week show. the collection was inspired by his love of India and the festivals of color, "Holi Festival".

step 1: begin by painting two coats of essie- lapiz of luxury.

step 2: paint one coat of seche vite fast dry top coat and allow 10 minutes to dry completely. 

step 3: using the gradient technique seen here apply using (from lightest to darkest- cuticle to tip) new york color in lavender cupcake, essie- play date, lapiz of luxury and bobbing for baubles.

step 4: repeat the gradient technique until you are satisfied with the color. 

TIP: free hand with the sponge by dabbing in access color to achieve your desired look. 

step 5: using the sponge, adjust the darkest color at the tip, essie- bobbing for baubles so that you have a french tip, half moon shape.

step 6: go over the tip with a dark blue glitter, essie- stroke of brilliance. 

step 7: wait about 5 minutes before applying your top coat so that you do not risk moving the glitter at tip all over your nail. 


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