Friday, August 17, 2012


i have the universe at my fingerstips, literally! well not so literal but this is probably the closest i will ever get to touching the sky. just like the universe, each part is unique so bear in mind that you can make this look unique by changing up the colors. to get started follow the guidelines below: 

colors used: 

tools: (colors as seen in picture from top left to top right) seche vite fast dry top coat, revlon- stunning, essie- blanc, essie- play date, essie- sexy divine, essie- midnight cami, sinful colors- black on black, makeup sponge, small dotting tool or toothpick. 

step 1: apply 2 coats of black nail polish.

step 2: after the base coat is completely dry, paint white nail polish on the corner of a makeup sponge and lightly sponge a diagonal line on to the nail creating the nebula.

TIP: after painting the nailpolish on the sponge and before appling to the nail, blot the nail polish onto a card or paper so that you get more of a powdered look and not an intense white when appling on to the nail. i do this with all colors for this nail design. 

step 3: sponge essie- play date (lavender) on the outer edges and slightly on top of the nebula for each of the nails.

step 4: using another corner of the makeup sponge, sponge essie-sexy divine (metallic purple) on the outer edges of the lilac. 

step 5: using another corner of the makeup sponge, sponge essie- midnight cami (metallic blue) on the outside of both previous colors and even a little on the black base. 

step 6: apply one thin coat of silver glitter nail nailpolish. i used revlon- stunning. 

TIP: the glitter nail polish should look sparse. pick up some of the glitter using your finger if necessary. 

step 7: using the smallest dotting tool you can find, paint a few dots on each nail for the bigger stars. feel free to make small plus signs to look like starbursts or swirls for a galaxy. 

step 8: complete the look with one coat of seche vite fast dry top coat. 

need a visual tutorial? please watch 3d Nail Art Blog video tutorial on galaxy nails


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