Thursday, August 2, 2012

triangle spears

this week i wanted to do a design that was clean and simple, easy to teach but still made a statement. since i had planned to see batman: the dark knight, i put these colors together. catwoman maybe? replicate the look by following the steps below: 

step 1: pick two complimentary but contrasting colors. i used essie- lilicasm (light purple) and sexy divine (dark purple). 

step 2: paint two coats of essie- lilacism. 

TIP: to speed up the waiting time between base color and design, especially when using a tape product. paint a coat of seche vite fast dry top coat. this is a great buy; nail polish dries in 10-15 minutes.

step 3: cut two pieces of tape for each nail. apply both pieces of tape on the nail creating a V stencil in the middle of the nail where you will apply your second nail polish color. make sure to flatten the edges of the tape so that no bubbles or gaps seep underneath the tape as you paint. 

step 4: paint the stenciled area in essie- sexy dive. one moderate coat will be needed.

step 5: slowly remove the tape while nail polish is still wet. 

step 6: complete the look with one top coat of seche vite fast dry top coat. 


  1. I love this! I'm SO bad at doing my nails...they always chip :( Well I might just have to take this picture to the manicurist LOL!
    Obviously Obsessed